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Tell Tales Game

Tell Tales Game

The Little Story-telling Game for BIG Imaginations!


Ever heard of the story about volcanic lava, a glamorous grandma and a man-eating house plant? Or the one about the footballer, super glue and false teeth? Now is your chance to bring these and hundreds of other epic stories to life.


Here at TellTales, we believe that every single human is a natural born storyteller with a great imagination. Using our silly, strange and downright bonkers card prompts matched with your endless imagination, you’ll be sharing TellTales masterpieces in no time.


There are 200 story prompts to get you going, and gazillions of stories waiting to be told. There’s no age or player limit, so grab your grown-ups, class pals or whoever you like spending time with and see who tells the best tale.


Take TellTales wherever you go - from dinner time, to bed time, to play time. On road trips, holidays and especially rainy days - this portable pot of fun is the perfect companion for creating fun wherever you are. So, what are you waiting for! Get telling those tales!


    Game includes pot,  200 prompt cards and instructions. 

    Prompt cards are printed on 300gsm smooth gloss card.


    Shipped by 2nd Class Royal Mail


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