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Emma the Pea


Peas-in-a-Pod Gifts + Greetings was established back in 2011 and is a riot of cheeky illustrations, colourful design and quirky gifts to make people smile. Emma says "Peas-in-a-Pod illustration is inspired by my love of colour, childish sense of humour and passion for storytelling - from wrinkly prunes to cheeky bottoms and so much more." Emma sells her Peas-in-a-Pod collection at selected gift shops in East Sussex, Kent and Buckinghamshire.

More recently Emma has been developing her art Fine Art and Paper Art practice.  The Hinterland Studio is the home of Emma's botanical portraiture and deconstructed paintings, reimagined and reconstructed into layered, sculptural paper collages that reflect her love of sea and botanical forms, textures and patterns. Emma exhibits locally in East Sussex and Kent.

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