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Dozy Duck

Dozy Duck

Beachcombed Miniatures:

Handpainted acrylic on shell.  Framed in a cloud blue painted wooden open frame measuring 7.5cm square.  All items are handmade, foraged or reclaimed. Price includes shipping fees (in the UK only).


My Beachcombed Miniatures collection is born from my passion for painting wildlife miniatures on beachcombed shell fragments and pebbles.  My work is inspired by my love of animals, the wildlife on my doorstep and the coastline just down the road from me.  I am hugely passionate about preserving our rural spaces and use a lot of reused or reclaimed items in my work. Each work is unique and will usually be inspired by the shape, size and colour of the shell or pebble, and often whichever animal or bird i've come across in my garden or when out & about.

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